Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In our modern day of social media to the extreme power lol..., I find that more and more individuals have taken away the "reach out and touch" from relationships. Its either a text message, Inbox on facebook or worse yet a "tweet"!...lol. But, even worse you cannot hold a five minute conversation without getting a tweet that either yourself or your mate "HAS" TO RESPOND TO! People!!!... have our relationships really started to deteriorate due to social media? Don't get it "twisted"! I believe that social media is the BEST thing since slice bread when it comes to networking, business and even getting in touch with those who I NEVER thought I would see again (for some there was a good reason for that-lol). However, we should Never allow it to bridge a gap between our relationships. Especially when it was built to create and maintain them. Read the article below and then chime in with your thoughts..

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